Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is all about changing behaviors, which is exactly what NogginLabs has been doing through online learning for almost twenty years. From our perspective, it made sense to apply that expertise and NogginLabs’ unique approach to e-learning in order to create mindfulness training that was not only incredibly effective, but created a community of engagement and continued exploration.

While in-person MBCT training is ideal, extending that learning into an online space allows regular access and ongoing support from fellow learners and industry-leading instructors. Online learning offers a unique opportunity for learners to strengthen their skills and bring the benefits of MBCT to their own practices. Effective online learning is designed with an understanding of the needs of the unique learner audience, and it uses the best forms of interactivity to present content and keep learners engaged. Engagement, after all, is the mechanism by which we change behavior in an e-learning course. We wrap it all up with innovative design and intuitive usability.

Below, Brian Knudson, the Founder of NogginLabs and co-collaborator on MindfulNoggin, explains in more detail how the parallels between online learning and MBCT worked together to bring MindfulNoggin to life.

You can change people's behavior with online learning

One of the things that NogginLabs has been talking about for years is that you can change people's behavior with online learning. It's in every topic that we've ever covered, from very business-focused things to very soft things: from learning how to sell something to someone else to learning how to interact in a social group.

This content lent itself so well because the core of the content was about changing people's behavior. You had this really tight connection between saying we are really great at giving people experiences where they get to practice things online, get exposed to levels of interaction that allow them to start thinking about the behavior change and with the goal of the content being actual behavioral change.

The goal of the content is for them to do something differently and to do it on a consistent basis. That interplay between both the content and building it online in a way that we make them feel comfortable doing this, give them the privacy to interact with this content at their own pace, was just so exciting for us to do. We think that many of the pieces of this really drive that point home.

NogginLabs has always specialized in building courseware that features content people think you can't learn online. In this regard, MBCT feels like the ultimate challenge: can you really teach something so nuanced, so specialized, and so complex via e-learning? MindfulNoggin's premise is that you can, we do, and we hope you will join us.